Friday, December 10, 2004


First thing's first:

Can you see the resemblence? Everyone says I am the spitting image of my Mother. God you should see me in drag, it's realy obvious! Lol! The week is over! Thank God! So no Mala educación tonight. Oh well. Tonight is my company Xmas party, but I am really in no mood to go. I've been to too many ABD Xmas parties and they are all the same. Boring. The first couple of years it was fun to get sh*tfaced w/ coworkers, but the bad music usually sobers me up. Instead we are just gonna chill and later go to Lola's with Eddie and possibly Jorge and his new man. Not sure if there is anything else exciting going on this weekend. Sunday I have to go to a Potluck Dinner for my department here at work. I think I am flying solo since Rob already expressed his potential boredem. Uff! Tomorrow I am gonna look at the dining room table. Can't wait! Only 20 or so more days til we are finally out of our current apartment! BTW if you're reading this Dale (aka AmericanDevil) I just got your pacakge! Thanks I'm jamming to the Sequal cd as I type this :)

Song of the day: Sisters of Avalon by Cyndi Lauper


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