Wednesday, September 15, 2004


see it does pay to sign guestbooks. after visiting samantha newark's website i got this lovely email from her. if you don't know, samantha was the speaking voice for jem, of jem and the holograms. i thanked her on behalf of all the gay boys who grew up watching jem in the eighties. here's what she wrote me:

Hi Joe, thanks so much for taking the time to visit my website and sign my guestbook. I love hearing from "JEM" fans it is soooooo great. Can't believe you saw "Summer Camp Nightmare" how funny!! that movie is gonna haunt me, so are my McDonalds comercials in my polyester uniform that are inevetably to surface at some point- Oh well, good thing I don't take myself too seriously. yes, Jem was targeting girls but there were so many boys who watched, so many who have written over the years and I love that. "JEM" was all about glamor and music and relationships and lessons etc...I say girl's cartoon as I didn't relate to GI Joe and Transformers but it was for every kid really. Thanks again Joe for writing, I would love to keep you posted on my happenings by e-mail.

Have a blessed day!!


P.S. I used to sing in the gay bars when I was about 15 - I had a gay friend and he booked me to sing in some drag shows in West Hollywood - they wouldn't believe I was really a girl - what a great time!!

what a sweetheart! in other news, my cough is still here. will not go away! it's just a dry cough. i think i need a couple of shots of tequila to get rid of it. i am having a girls night out w/ alethya, marlene and jennifer. we are going to see the scissor sisters @ the metro tonight. can't wait to see the show. i'll let u all know how it went tomorrow. ta-ta!


TRENT said...

OMG!!! you lucky dog!!! i want her to email me :(

bomitoni said...

it made my day! i'll have to write her back.

G. Carolina said...

OMG! You got an email from Jem- how cool! I LOOOVE Scissor Sisters...lemme know how the show goes. And in terms of your cough...take care of it tonight while on your girls out, tequila with limon will do you just fine .

Bellyflutters said...

I have a 'dia de independencia' chisme for you, guapo:
I'm going to dance in Chicago on October 9th, and you and Rob and all your friends better show up to give us love!
I'm going to do a hip shimmy specially for you ;)