Friday, September 03, 2004


working on a hectic project so last night i was here at the office til 9pm. PLUS i have a freelance project that i need to have ready this morning. so instead of staying up last night and doing it, i came in this morning @ 7:11am. ahhhh! i'm almost done, and it's actually quite nice if i must say so. it's for a bank, i hope it's not too out there. but thank god it's friday! this week has dragged ass like no other. today is payday. i promised rob we'd go to the virgin megastore so i can get the new björk cd and the new jill scott for him. while i am there i also want to pick up some imports. there was an olé olé import from spain w/ my name on it. i hope they still have it. surely there can't be another olé olé freak besides me in chicago? i must get back to this project, which will be followed by another review of my real work project. i shall blog later. ciao.

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