Friday, September 17, 2004

naked and sacred

you may notice my blog seems a little naked. my horror yesterday i realized my photobucket account had been deleted. what the @#$% you say, yeah my sentiments exactly. as a result all of my photos i had linked have been delted. i contacted photobucket immediately and was given the following reply:

I apologize...we're very sorry, its computers...we hope to have it fixed ASAP, pls be patient.--Darren

there was also a link to an official statement from photobucket regarding this. turns out i was not the only victim. here is what else they had to say: Photobucket has suffered mulitple disk failures in the last week. We chose SCSI disks because it was supposed to be much more reliable. Unfortunately, its just been a string of bad luck. The disk has finished rebuilding fine, but the filesystem was corrupt. Running this check/fix takes many hours. We hope to have the albums back up by tomorrow. This is just the honest truth and we don't want to promise they'll be back tonite. Also, we are flooded with email so please don't email us if you get a "page not found". Your album is not lost and we are apreciate your patience. i hope this is taken care of quickly. in the meantime, i'll be patient.

in other news. well nothing really. cough was driving me crazy last night. i got no sleep. it seems to really hit me when i am lying down. hmmm...this weekend i plan to relax , sleep, do nothing, sleep, relax, and sleep. unless of course i am tempted to go to roscoe's w/ my milwaukee sister and co. i have a busy day ahead of me so i will write some more later. ciao.

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