Monday, September 13, 2004


so our weekend in milwaukee was fun. unfortunately rob and i both had horrible coughs so it didn't really make for a relaxing weekend. friday i got out early, but we didn't even leave chicago til 4 pm so needless to say we took a lot longer to get to milwaukee than i had hoped for. friday night was paloma's graduation party from the police academy. i had absolutely NO idea what to get someone as a gift from the police academy. so i went literal and we got her a copy of police academy on DVD. she didn't have it so the gift was well appreciated. as for the actual party, it was pretty lame. bad dj who played songs that were in style 3 years ago, or as rob put it kid-bop music. the food sucked as well. it was from tres hermanos, bad bad mexican restaurant in milwaukee. afterwards we went out to bryants w/ matt, juanjo and renée. it was nice. stopped at out and about, a lesbo bar, for awhile. we didn't stay out late cause i felt horrible.

saturday we had to go a baptism for mara and josé ramón's newest, daniel mateo. we didn't get to the party til rather late, stayed for an hour. the more my friends have kids the more their parties become kids' parties. oh well. it was nice seeing everyone all at once. so we jetted out and met the boozehounds for some drinks and dinner @ la fuente. so we had a table for 8 and mini pitchers of margaritas for everyone (ok almost everyone). rob, myself, bertha, jesus (aka paty), my cousins mari, gina, tania and chuy (first two from mom, second two from dad) got drunk, ate bad mexican food and were just obnoxious like always. it was blast! i don't know why but mari and i decided to steal a telephone book from the restaurant at some point. i know, let the comments begin.

after la fuente, we walked down the street to c20, some new bar. was nice. rather chill, we got a bottle of red wine and drank and drank. paty, bertha's younger sister whom we just love to death, came w/ jesus's little sister (whom i guess is "talking" to my cousin chuy). we had so much fun, got even drunker. i even went up to some girl, on a dare from everyone, and told her how big her boobs were. they were huge! lol! it was funny. i don't think mari was there for that part, she would have pissed herself. so after everyone decides to leave paty, rob and i decided to go to la cage, my old stomping ground, and we run into frank (surprise, surprise), ramón and the newly-back-in-milwaukee efraín w/ his new man. had fun. rob and paty went and danced in the cages while frank and i danced down below and played comadres. sunday we lounged around, got burgers from kopps, and bertha came over w/ her newborn. she is so beautiful! bertha is so happy, and i am happy for her.

we head back to chicago and got home, chilled and then went over to janet and tina's to watch the season finale of six feet under. i loved it! i am so sad that the season is over. now we have to wait another year! this sucks! why did we not watch it at our house u ask? well i am having drama w/ my cable co. and bank that is too long to get into right now. uff!

but on a lighter note, my cousin in a drunken stupor turns to me and says..."omg the gay puerto rican guy from the new real world was on ghostwriter!!!" omg! as a loser teen i used to watch this show on pbs every saturday, as i had no social life. lol. now i must tune into the real world: philidelphia to see what a lady héctor has become.


G. Carolina said...

Sounds like you had quite a's your cough? I used to watch ghostwriter too...sad isn't it? I loved it and thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread, well not quite but I was pretty into it. Gracias por el piropo de mini diosa...

bomitoni said...

your welcome! cough is still here...just feel groggy all over i guess :(