Thursday, September 02, 2004

i'm so jealous!!!

my friend emilio just emailed me telling me that he went to see alicia machado @ vivia chicago this weekend. omg i am so jealous! i didn't even know she was coming. i guess it's my own fault cause i had no idea who was coming at all. they always bring some lame ass merengue groups. i love alicia's self-titled debut cd. it's great! i highly recommend it. it will surprise you. i didn't know what to think at first, but once i heard it i was greatly surprised. so many people have already written her off because she is the ex-miss universe. hello...this is latin america we're talking about! the land of actors who sing, etc. i highly enjoy her music and think she has a cool voice. reminds me a lot vocally of maría conchita alonso. anyhoo i am pissed that i didn't know.

i guess this will cheer me up... paris hilton has written an autobiography entitled confessions of an heiress. why wasn't it called that's hot. my bf loathes her but personally i can't get enough of her. i was addicted to her and nicole ritchie's antics on the simple life. i will be getting this as it looks über trashy. you can pre-order it now. it will be released next tuesday, september 7.


G. Carolina said...

I read somewhere about her wanting to be a rockera or something y no se, me parecio medio ridicula la idea. But if you say we may be surprised I shall obligue and give Alicia a chance.

bomitoni said...

it's similar in vein to lisa marie presley's album. really it's good. she has a cool voice too. btw...the mail man will be sending u a surprise today :)

G. Carolina said...

Can't wait to get my surprise in the mail....whoopie!