Thursday, September 09, 2004


so last night was my girls night out w/ freddy. we had a good time. we went to see garden state which i loved. it was funny and rather quirky (which i love) and my title of today's entry is a reference to the movie. the funny thing about this movie was that this was the first time i had acutally seen natalie portman in a movie. i know that may sound weird. i know who she is, and i think she is absolutely beautiful, i had yet to actually see any of her movies. i usually don't like mainstream stuff, so i obviously wouldn't have seen her in any of her star wars efforts. i liked her. the lead actor, zach braff, was great. he also directed the movie as well. i think he's from that tv show scrubs, i could be wrong. i found him rather sexy. it was have been his big schnoze (is that how u spell this word??) and juju lips. after the movie we ended up going to falco's for pizza. yummy.

my sore throat is still bothering me. i bought some dayquil and orange juice, so i hope it makes me feel better. last night rob felt sick and woke up in the middle of the night. my poor boo boo. i hope he feels better today as well. i really hope we both feel better as it would ruin our weekend otherwise.

one thing i was gonna note about seeing garden state was that before hand they had previews like always, but before the previews they show commercials. well they had a commercial for a new telemundo soap but the commercial was in english. i just thought it was interesting as i have never seen them do any advertising for the english language market. ok i have to get back to work. i don't have any pictures to post here (sorry glennys) with this post. i'll see what i can whip up later. ciao.

song of the day: call home-elan


G. Carolina said...

How was "Garden State"? I meant to see it last weekend but didn't get to it...maybe this weekend. I've heard good things about it...but of course, I'd like to have your take on it.


bomitoni said...

I really liked it. It was funny, very quirky, weird funny. Highly recommended.