Thursday, September 16, 2004

dinner date

i did not see the scissor sisters last night. alethya told me she had 4 tickets, when in turn she later told me "i said i could try and get 4 tickets" (uff!!!). she only got 2 and the other one was for her coworker who actually got the tickets. so marlene and i missed out on ss. instead we decided to go to cesar's and have mango margaritas and some appetizers. it was fun as we chatted and laughed. before hand i stopped at her condo and met her new puppy. i can not for the life of me remember what it's called but it's a french bulldog. adorable! we didn't really stay out too late. i got home and rob and his best friend angélica were watching a bootleg copy of a day without a mexian. i was starving, so were they, so benny's pizza to the rescue! actually i am starting to realize these nights out apart are really good for us. it's nice to spend time apart because it totally makes you appreciate your partner even more!

the cold is doing better. a few last traces of the cough. drinking tons of liquids. hopefully it will be gone by the weekend. actually i just want to stay in this weekend and REST!!! i need it. last weekend we were constantly on the go, so it's no wonder this cold lasted longer than usual.

song of the day-you won't forget about me-dannii minogue

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