Monday, September 20, 2004

new world's record.

so i did pretty much exactly as i said i was gonna do this weekend. i stayed in and rested! friday we did go out for indian food. yummy. we stopped at tower so i could pick up season 3 of JEM and the Holograms on DVD. i haven't watched the whole thing yet but I got through 1.5 discs thus far. is it just me or does britta phillips look eerily like kylie minogue? actually it's not just me. rob pointed it out, so i can not take the credit. saturday, cleaned. i left the house to go to family dollar to buy cleaning supplies (i love $1 stores!!). aside from our venture to little italy to pick up our thai food, that was all we did. stayed in, rested, slept. coughs diminished a lot. sunday again we vegged. i know it was such a lazy and unproductive weekend but we needed it. after some convincing last night we ended up going to the new border's on north and halsted. it was nice and we ended up buying some cd's (big surprise). it was too hard to resist! it was buy 3 get the 4th free! so rob got 3 and i got the 4th free. belinda. i know what you're thinking, but i can't help it. i love her last 2 singles! eres mi ángel de paz déjame volar a tu lado yo por siempre quiero estar.... i also finally got a copy of l'aberge espagnole on DVD. for some odd reason the copy i grabbed was marked as $12.99, while the rest were marked $25.99. i did not ask why i just bought it!

so since we were recovering from our coughs we stayed in saturday and missed the roscoe's drunkfest w/ the milwaukee sister. but i heard about the whole evening. eddie...girl has broken the drunk dialing world record! lol. i got 5 messages from him. they were hilarious. i got a rundown of all the videos i missed: holly valance, emma bunton, paulina rubio, dannii minogue (of course). the last one was the funniest; from "melroach" diner (aka melrose), eddie proceeded to tell me that no one is as fierce as me! lol! milwaukee sister i love ya! i promise we will go out soon. once the cold is ALL gone and rob and i will join you in dancing and screaming drunkenly to our favorite pop twats!

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