Sunday, September 05, 2004

my first at-home blog

up until this point i have only written in my blog from work (it keeps me sane and entertained...i imagine myself saying that in a jerry blank voice). the 3 day weekend is off to an ok start i guess. i say ok cause yesterday i woke up w/ the nastiest headache in north america. it lasted all day. probably had to do w/ the fact that i drank no water for the entire day. tried to sleep it off. finally just gave in and took two aleve w/ about a pitcher of water. h20. yummy. we went for indian food. yummy. the evening was fun. had drinks w/ janet (& tina) and juan (aka bleaces & his man memo). it was fun. hadn't hung out in ages.

friday we did go to the virgin megastore and i spent $80!!! i bought björk (loving it), olé olé, 3 cd singles (emma bunton, sonia & selena, seiko) and i got rob 3 cd's to make up for the money i owe him for groceries (jill scott, tears for fears and donna summer). twas fun.

tonight we are supposed to hang out w/ milwaukee sister. it's always a diva throwdown when we get together. roscoe's doesn't know what they're in for!! since i know my milwaukee sister reads this regularly (yet he doesn't post comments), i just want to tell him that he is the fiercest person i know! we should have been best friends in milwaukee. who knew?? he probably just thought i was the weirdo in 7" stacks! lol. "better think, think, better think twice"!

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