Wednesday, September 01, 2004

la la la la...

i know it's rather late in the day. been busy at work. gasp! busy you say? yes busy. i have this project that has to be out the door by the 15th of september, so i have to try and figure out what new photography has to be done. yeah! new photography! that means joey gets to go on photo shoots. anything's better than sitting in front of this computer all day.

i feel weird cause we don't have a concert to go to this weekend. we've had like 3 big ones in a row (alejandra guzmán, cyndi lauper, gloria estefan). monday is no work. thank god! unfortunately today is only wed. i guess i should be glad there is only 2 days left and we have a 3 day weekend. saturday yesenia (vagina cochina) and her hubby are supposed to come over for dinner and drinks. reminds me i have to give her a call and confirm. other than that not much going on this weekend. just want to relax! i have to go to virgin megastore on friday though. i need to get the new björk cd! i am broke so i couldn't get it yesterday when it actually came out.

i had to share this w/ you all. my boyfriend made this to use as his new signature for sayhey. it's iris chacón! she's super taquí-taquí!!! j-ho ain't got nothing on this woman's ass!

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