Wednesday, September 29, 2004

other people's lives

Having recently finished Traci Lords autobiography, my coworker asked to borrow it. In return she lent me Diana Vreeland's (pictured at left) autobiography. Diana (1906-1989) was "an authentic force in the world of style". My coworker said it's just trashy enough to be fun. Can't wait! So last night I was here 'til 9:30pm. Urgh! I had a little tift w/ Rob on the phone about my staying late. Don't want to bore everyone w/ details but let's just say that he continues to amaze me. After we had words he did three things for me yesterday:

    He taped the Gloria Trevi interview last night. I had completely forgotten about it.

    He made dinner.

    He bid on a DVD I wanted on ebay that I had completely forgot was ending last night. I won. Sigh.

So I feel as if we have a very few hectic months ahead of us. There are birthdays to be celebrated; dogs to be babysat; visitors to entertain; weekend trips to be taken and God knows what else! Let's just hope we have a painless apartment search. So does anyone know how to fix bad credit? Lol!

Song of the day: La cabrona-Banda Jerez

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