Monday, September 27, 2004

not again.

Photobucket is down again. Ahhh!!! So the blog's looking empty again. Hopefully it will be back up. In the meantime I think I am just gonna switch over to imageshack once and for all! So this post will be image-less. Oh well. We had a nice weekend though...

Friday: I was here late Friday night so all I wanted was to drink! We ended up going to Spin and I had the world's strongest French Martini! Ouch! We had a couple of drinks it was nice. Some queen started talking to us about Shitney Queers and was astonished that neither of us liked her. Duh! Why like Shitney when you have Xtina!? Trashy and talented! Seriously. Lol.
Saturday: We went to Viva La Música (the best Latin music store in Chicago) but didn't find too much this trip. I did pick up the new cd from Lorca. Remember him? He had that song out a few years ago that went Dame tiempo y dejame la lengua rota.... Something like that. I can't remember the exact lyrics. We stopped @ Nuevo Leon. Great and cheap! I made Rob go see the new John Waters's flick A Dirty Shame. I loved it! It was so trashy. He's back in form! Lol. Selma Blair was classic, as was the whole cast. Johnny Knoxville...grrr. We stopped at Tower after. I know we're addicted. I picked up a UK import on clearance for only $5.99 and Sin dejar huella on DVD w/ one of my fave Mexican actresses, Tiare Scanda. Good flick.
Sunday: I finally did something I've been wanting to do since I moved to Chicago. We went to Maxwell Street. For those of you not from Chicago, Maxwell Street is a market every Sunday. Basically it's lots of crap and great food. But I had fun. We found some stuff we needed and ran into several puppies :) I got a copy of Mean Girls for only $15, brand new. We watched it when we got home. I loved it. Later that night after stopping at Target, we went over to my friend Janet's place to visit her and her girlfriend's new puppy. It was so cute. Still no name. But I like Penny or BeBe. It's a chocolate lab/terrier mix. Can we have a puppy now?

Song of the day: Bad Girls-Mónica Naranjo


G. Carolina said...

I am on the same boat as your friend Janet- my neighbor's friend gave me a cat but we still haven't named it. I passed it on to Miky's sisters since they have more time to take care of it and they still haven't named it. Of course, them being Argentinean they call the cat Che and it responds. But they call everyone Che...go figure.

bomitoni said...

"che boludo...venis venis..."