Thursday, September 02, 2004

"hold on for one more day"

today is thursday and only one more day of this hellish week! ok hellish is a strong word, rather long droned out week i feel is much better. i don't know why this week is draggin' ass? anyhoo we have a three day weekend ahead of us. woo hoo! which reminds me that i have to call vagina cochina aka yesenia to confirm saturday. as i wrote this i am listening to my namesake mix on my ipod, jotafina. long story. really.

so last night were the latin grammys. i didn't watch 'em because it's always the same people. juanes, etc. but i am upset i missed paulina rubio singing perros w/ six dogs! she is my favorite singer who can't sing for shit. she's has the worst voice (ok not as bad as latoya jackson) but i love her. so i instead opted to watch mona lisa smile which i rented from netflix. now i hate julia roberts and the movie was über sappy. but i like julie stiles and love maggie gyllenhaal. is it me or does she look creepily like her brother's on-again/off-again girlfriend kirsten dunst? kirsten was also in this movie. like i said it was really sappy; total chick flick. but whatever i am a sucker for chick flicks. besides there was one highlight of the movie: dominic west....grrr!

song of the day: "oculta realidad"-obk

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