Tuesday, September 21, 2004


omg i can not put this book down! as of this morning after my short ride on the "L" to work i have read 165 pages of underneath it all by traci lords. i started reading this last night after work and can't put it down! it's a shame all the shit she went through. i am 65% of the way done with it. hopefully by tomorrow i will have finished it and can tell you what my thoughts are :)

in other news....since we found out one of the gay roomies on the real world: philedelphia was a former child actor, our ghostwriter interest has been reignited. so yesterday in the mail came a video that rob found on ebay of the very frist episode of the show! omg i can't believe how much i loved this show. and i was in high school! loser! whatever it was rather entertaining and i had a major crush on "alex" aka david lópez. now we must find the remaining videos! ebay here we come.

song of the day: when you were mine-cyndi lauper

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